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About Me

About Me

My name is Joseph. I am the owner of Computer Maintenance & Upkeep, having started the business in January of 2008. I've actually been working with computers for longer than that though.

I currently reside in lovely Colorado Springs. My computer skills come from personal experience and research, and of course, much trial-and-error testing on my own computer equipment.

Every program I install for you is one that I have used on my own computers. Most of these I've used for many years, such as Microsoft Security Essentials and Due to this long-time familiarity, I am completely confident in the security programs and other software I install.

There has never been a security breach or breakdown on my computers that I haven't been able to fix. Even with that in mind, I can count on one hand the number of security breaches I've had.  Note that I have an always-on high-speed Internet connection, and I regularly download and install new software to test and see what works.

It always makes me happy when I'm able to help someone, so this line of work is particularly rewarding for me.

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